The differences between us- the concrete jungle, and the kampung style.

I used to have a very honest comment, that I dressed like a kampung girl. I guess I understand how it feels like, being judged that way- part of me tried to deny the harsh comment, but I guess there’s some truth in those words. I really am a kampung girl.

I guess there’s nothing wrong from being who you really are. And I wish to take things positively- I am changing slowly for a better me. Not just physically, but most importantly I have to grow up as a wiser person. That is the only thing that people cannot interpret instantly, unless they know you very well… However, I learnt a new lesson- first impression is so important! So there’s no harm in changing the way you look, for a better you, and to make yourself feel more confident as you meet others.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind if you regard me as a kampung girl, ’cause I am. 🙂 And I am proud of it. I had a good childhood life living in a small town known as Tanah Rata & Dungun. I become an intrinsic person because of my surroundings as well-I guess I love to reflect myself more. Writing does help, and I am thankful that I am writing a post today! Yeeeeeha!

P/s: To the person who said that I looked like a kampung girl, I’d love to thank you, as you inspire me to write this post after months of not posting a single thread on my blog! Haha

Haiku #1: Togetherness

I remember when I taught my form 1 students about haiku and how to write them. I got several nice haikus and was a bit impressed with their capability of writing their own haiku. Here’s one of my favorites:


Today I am in love,

Tomorrow I am with you,

Soon I am missing you…

I love this haiku as it shows phases of a relationship, that nothing stays stagnant all the time. Sometimes you have to go through separation for your own goodness, or because of fate. It shows that life isn’t always the same. We don’t know of our future.






When our friends are being tested with something, most of us will automatically say “Be patient!”. That’s the best and shortest advice that we can give to sum up other possible advises that comes into our mind.

I am so lucky to have a housemate who always reminds me to have patience in everything I do. The way she says “Sabarlah…” is really comforting, and makes me believe that it is the best thing that I can do when I no longer have any other options in life. By having patience, you keep praying for the best in life, and leaving the rest to Allah.


Stop ‘Bangau’-ing!

I attended an event this morning. Thankfully, the speaker they invited was very positive and I was inspired with the way he delivered his ideas. Three things that I learnt at the event were:
  1. Teknik berkomunikasi: “SALAM MESRA


  • Sebut nama & salam
  • Ajukan soalan tentang diri pelajar
  • Luahkan pujian ikhlas
  • Ajukan soalan relevan (sesuai dengan keadaan atau situasi pelajar)
  • Minta diri (Contoh: “Okay, thank you everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow for the next lesson.”. “Jumpa lagi”
  • Memandang mata (apabila berkomunikasi)
  • Ekspresi muka (Wajah kita mampu mengubah emosi orang lain)
  • Senyum! 🙂
  • Rapatkan jarak
  • Anggukkan kepala (Sebagai tanda respon)

2. Stop ‘Bangau’-ing!


  • Pernah dengar lagu bangau oh bangau? Ianya tentang memberi alasan. Jadi, berhentilah beralasan!

3. Bertanggungjawab dengan setiap pilihan kita (supaya rezeki yang diperoleh adalah halal dan berkat. Ameen!)

‘till then! 😉

Form 3 Poem: Poisoned Talk


Poisoned Talk 

by Raymond Wilson


Who killed cock robin?

I, said the worm,

I did him great harm.

He died on the branch of a withered tree

From the acid soil that poisoned me.



Who killed the heron?

I, mouthed the fish,

With my tainted flesh,

I killed tern, duck, and drake,

All the birds of the lake.


Who killed the lake?

I, boasted industry,

I poisoned with mercury

Fish, plant and weed

To pamper men’s greed.


Who killed the flowers?

I, moaned the wind,

I prowl unconfined,

Blowing acid rain

Over fields, flood and fen.


Who killed the forest?

I ensured that it died,

Said sulphur dioxide,

And all life within it,

From earthworm to linnet.

At first, I found it difficult to look for information about this poem, until I came across this slideshow on the poem analysis.

You may click this link to read the whole poem analysis for free (or maybe signing up, I’m not so sure haha).

Link :

You may also download this handout I prepared for my first class to introduce the poem and get students to familiarize themselves to the words in the poem itself, using pictures… 🙂

Download handout: poisonous-talk-poem-handout-pic

‘Till then ❤


Chinese New year

New year, new resolutions. You may introduce them with new cultures as well.

As written in the Teaching Organizer, students should be able to read  and understand the printed media. Since the theme is about people, I am going to introduce two different celebrations of two different cultures which are Chinese New Year and Indian New year celebration as well.


Chinese New Year teaching materials

Here are the links where you may find the texts and materials for Chinese New Year celebrations:


Out of idea


Sometimes, when it comes to teaching, I just lost all my ideas and creativity. Sometimes I don’t know what happened. I tried so much to design all materials as best as I can to suit my students’ needs and level. Somehow, it makes me more confused on the topics and lesson that I have to plan. Is it because I have lack of knowledge on the syllabus that I have to touch on, or I am just a bit ignorant about the contents available in the textbook?


I am reminding myself that the textbook is there for a reason- as a guideline for someone who doesn’t know where to start (especially new teachers) in designing new lessons and finding suitable learning materials.


Guess it takes years to master all the systems, harmonizing things and becomes an expert in educating students in learning English.

I hope everything goes smoothly for tomorrow class.

Seriously, I am at my worst condition right now in terms of motivation level and ideas in teaching, but sometimes it ends up smoothly haha.


‘Till then!

#teachwith ❤

Cameron Highlands trip and Strawberry scones recipe

Well, hello everyone!

School holiday is almost over, and we are about to start the new session of school, with new syllabus for form 1 students (KSSM stuff) and also new tasks! I hope 2017 will become a good year for me. Been looking forward to learn new things and share  more new stuff with you guys!

I went to Cameron Highlands several weeks before. Well, we planned for a holiday nearby, but nothing can beat my second hometown… I just love the serenity and cold, fresh air that surrounds me. Since it’s been a long time I haven’t had any scones in my life and hard to get any in Dungun, I decided to do some ‘food hunting’ in Taman Sedia. We were quite lucky as the farm was owned by my parents’ friend. We managed to have a lovely breakfast of scones on our last morning in Cameron Highlands. We also met my primary school teacher, a maths teacher who was well-known for her strictness in class one time ago.


Had our scones with strawberry jam and butter

I used to try this deliciously made scones at the Lord’s cafe one time ago when we still stayed in Cameron Highlands. The taste was so good, creamy and sweet at the same time! The trip reminds me of the delicious scone taste, which finally I decided to do it on my own in Dungun for tea! So I did some research, a mini research on how to have a delicious and a recipe that could work pretty well. There’s an Irish vlogger on YouTube, Gemma Stafford whom I always follow her channel. Her recipes are always simple, yet workable. So I searched for her Irish scone recipe and found the video.


Irish scones recipe (originated from the Bigger Bolder Baking’s website)


I changed the recipe a bit by adjusting the amount of whole milk (without adding any double cream to my scones.

  • 3 ½ cups (16oz ) Flour (I use all-purpose flour)
  • 5 level tsp Baking powder
  • 1 Generous pinch Of salt
  • ¼ cup (2 oz) sugar
  • 4 oz cold salted Butter (I used Buttercup brand for that creamy taste)
  • 1 egg
  • 8 oz whole milk
  • Milk to glaze
  1. In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients together.
  2. Rub in the cold butter with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  3. If adding dried fruit eg. Raisins, berries, citrus rind, chocolate chips add them now before you add liquid.
  4. Mix your egg with the milk and cream and pour into your flour mix (if you don’t have cream you can use only milk).
  5. With an open hand mix loosely your scone mix until your dough forms. The bowl should be clean from the dough.
  6. Turn your dough onto a floured work surface.
  7. Knead lightly to give your dough a smooth surface.
  8. Pat your dough down with your hand until around 1 inches thick.
  9. With a scone cutter cut out your lovely little scones. You will have around 12.
  10. Put on a baking tray, glaze the tops of your scones with some milk to give them a golden top when baked.
  11. Bake at 350oF (18OoC) for 35 minutes (well, this depends on the size of your oven and the quantity of scones that you bake at the same time).
  12. Enjoy with Irish butter, jam and freshly whipped cream. Scones are best eaten the day they are baked but the next day you can pop them back in the oven to freshen them up again.


That’s it! As easy as she says… I found that baking isn’t as hard as I thought before… Most importantly, just be confident, and just do it!

You may try my recipe, or refer to the original one and find out if yours work! 😉

Do not worry too much, and good luck!



HEBAT bacaan modules

Assalamualaikum and good day dear readers!


‘HEBAT’ as it sounds like…

Today, I’m going to share a lot of HEBAT bacaan modules for teachers (or soon to be teachers) out there. HEBAT or known as  ‘Hayati, Eksplorasi Berfikir Aras Tinggi’ is actually a set of modules designed to improve the teaching and learning of reading. Basically, this program is done in order to prepare our fellow students for the future PISA test on 2018, due to the shocking result on 2012 PISA rank. Not only that, it is also hoped that through this program, students are able to be independent readers by mastering reading skills and higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in solving problems and responding towards any issues.

There are 20 modules altogether. Each module represents different levels of learners. Something that I love about these modules is there are complete lesson plan for each units, together with the materials. In short, teachers out there are lucky enough to have those materials being prepared for them. I was also quite shocked to see YouTube links being attached  in those modules!

HEBAT bacaan background

General overview mind map

Powerpoint slideshows : Training of trainer (TOT) notes on HEBAT bacaan

Feel free to download these files for your classroom materials.


20 units of HEBAT bacaan modules

Module 1 : Movie Time

Module 2 : Pandemic

Module 3 : Bioenergy

Module 4 : Hello

Module 5 : Online shopping

Module 6 : Live well

Module 7 : Earth day

Module 8 : Evolution of television

Module 9 : Cloud society

Module 10 : Under my skin

Module 11 : Risky credit

Module 12 : Nano tech

Module 13 : Smart choices

Module 14 : Hybrid cars

Module 15 : Endangered species

Module 16 : Cold hard cash

Module 17 : Budget travel

Module 18 : State of mind

Module 19 : Inventions

Module 20 : Selfie

Resepi : Sambal petai ikan bilis rangup mama Dee

Antara resepi kegemaran mama yang saya paling gemar adalah Sambal petai ikan bilis. Memang jarang saya jumpa sambal yang begitu enak rasanya. Ikan bilisnya rangup, ditambah pula dengan sambal yang masam-masam manis dan tidak terlalu pedas. Secukup rasa!

Hm… Rasa pelik pula bila taip skema-skema ni. Ayat bahasa melayu saya kedengaran pelik sekali. Ish! Malaslah taip formal-formal sangat ni. Okay, let’s keep it casual yah? Eheh.

Resipinya mudah sahaja. Bagi orang yang masih tahap permulaan untuk belajar memasak, bak kata mama saya masakan sambal ini merupakan resipi yang termudah dan tersedap yang boleh disediakan dalam jangka masa yang singkat sahaja. Jadi, bagi yang takut-takut nak mula memasak (macam saya lah tu dulu-dulu), bolehlah mula berjinak-jinak dengan resipi yang mudah sebegini tetapi meletop!


Lebih kurang macam ini lah rupa sambal petai ikan bilis resipi mama saya tu. Ikan bilisnya rangup! Nak ratah makan macam tu sahaja pun enak!

*p/s: Kuantiti yang dianggarkan adalah sesuai untuk satu hidangan, a.k.a. satu mangkuk


Bahan yang dikisar:

  • Cili kering (Rebus terlebih dahulu)- segenggam
  • Bawang besar- 1 biji
  • Bawang putih- 2 atau 3 ulas
  • Belacan- 1 sudu kecil

Bahan lain:

  • Petai
  • Ikan bilis halus
  • Sos tomato
  • Gula melaka- 1 sudu kecil (pakai agak je)
  • Gula – 1 sudu besar (pakai agak je)
  • Garam- Pakai agak je ye (mohon rasa sebelum hidang)
  • Air asam jawa(Sedikit je, dalam 2-3 sudu besar)
  • Air masak (secukupnya)

Cara-cara penyediaan:

  1. Goreng ikan bilis sehingga garing. Ketepikan.
  2. Dengan menggunakan minyak goreng ikan  tadi, masukkan bahan-bahan yang dikisar. Kacau sebati dan masukkan gula melaka.
  3. Kemudian, masukkan sos tomato dan gula. Kacau dan tunggu sehingga pecah minyak*.
  4. Setelah kelihatan minyak timbul (a.k.a. pecah minyak), masukkan petai. Kacaukan. Tunggu sebentar sehingga minyak timbul lagi. Tambahkan air asam jawa dan air masak jika sambal kelihatan terlalu kering. Tambahkan sedikit garam.
  5. Akhir sekali, masukkan ikan bilis yang digoreng tadi dan kacau sebentar sahaja sehingga sebati dan segera tutupkan api. Pastikan ikan tidak dimasak terlalu lama supaya menjadi rangup apabila dihidang.

Memandangkan mama saya orang Terengganu, jadi kami gemar sambal yang sedikit manis supaya seimbang rasanya. Mungkin kalau orang Johor atau Negeri Sembilan mereka lebih memilih untuk makan sambal yang sedikit pedas. Well, c’mon! Depends on your preferences yah?! 🙂


A good advice for those who are still afraid of cooking :p (Like I did)

Selamat mencuba!


‘Till then!