Grammar lesson: Shopping for nouns

Assalamualaikum and good day, everyone!

If you are really following the form 1 syllabus, grammar section in the first chapter covers the topic of common nouns and proper nouns. Hence, for the activity, I decided to give a task for my students. The task is to shop for nouns!

How to play the game?

Students move in their group by carrying a shopping list from one shop to another. They have to list down common and proper nouns available using the letter at the shop as the initial letter. Give each group a number. Each group starts at the shop with their group’s number (E.g.: Group 1 starts at Shop 1).

Example :

Shop 1 : ‘C’

Possible common nouns: Cat, Car, Cereal

Possible proper noun: Coco Cruch, Cornflakes

Each 3 or more minutes, ask each group to move to the next shop (E.g.: Group 1 at Shop 1 moves to Shop 2). Rotate the turns until all groups visit all shops.


  • Labels : Small pieces of paper (Labelled with letters)


Shop 1 : A

Shop 2 : L

Shop 3 : I



  • Shopping lists : A small piece of paper written name of groups on top

I had 6 groups altogether, so I prepared 6 sheets of shopping list

Preparing for the activity

Paste the labels around the classroom’s wall for easy access.

Conducting the activity

  1. Firstly, give some briefing or explanation about what is common nouns and proper nouns.
  2. Secondly, brief the students on how to do shopping and how to play the game.
  3. The leader of each group collect the shopping list paper from the teacher.
  4. Then, students play the game (go for shopping). Teacher can play music for time setting.
  5. When students finished the activity, ask students to present their answers to the class, or just paste it on a huge paper for display. Teacher may read for others to save time. 🙂

I asked students to display their shopping list on the whiteboard… Not so nice though… Huhu

Integrating with grammar rules

There are so many grammar rules that you can integrate with this game. You may ask your students to identify whether the common or proper nouns they found can be paired with article ‘a’ or ‘an’.


I hope you and your students enjoy this simple activity.

Good luck!


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