Assalamualaikum & hi!

I was a TEASL student of IIUM. Minoring in IT. I just write for fun, and to share my ideas, experiences, what I feel about life and education.

I just finished my studies on June 2015.

Do pray for me, as I don’t know what possible situations I have to face in the future…

May Allah ease everything. 🙂

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You write well, with depth of thought. However, with a little improvement in grammar, it would read much better. Work on your prepositions.
    Above: you finished your studies, not study.
    …possible situation she has to face… (No ‘that’ after ‘situation’).
    Great to see a Malay who can write in English.


  2. Assalammualaikum akak.. Saya dri asasi law uia tukar ke tesl di degree uia. Reason sye tukar saye xrasa sye boleh bwk law.. It’s too tough.. Saya keliru sgt2 akak.. Sye dri keluarga yg susah.. Matlamat saya, bila belajar sye nk dpt kerja yg baik jdi sye mampu bntu keluarga sye.. Tpi saya risau kalau tesl dpt beri jaminan pekerjaan yg baik. Jdi cikgu pun belum pasti sbb kite bkn mcm ipg yg ada kontrak dgn kpm.. Saya keliru akak.. Saya takut sye buat keputusan yg salah. Bntu saye kak..


    • waalaikummussalam. First of all, sorry for the late reply. Lama tak buka blog. I hope I can reach you personally huhu. Mula-mula, yakin yang rezeki tu Allah yang tentukan. Yeah, it might sounds cliche, but that is the truth. Tak kisahlah grad IPG ke, UIA ke, UPSI ke, Unisza ke… Ada je grad IPG, biasiswa KPM, tapi tak dapat pun jadi cikgu sebab tak lepas interview. There might be some reasons why they are not chosen. And I believe that there’s a reason why you are in TESL at this moment. Just believe in what you are doing. Do not worry too much, it’s not good for your mind and your body. You’re too young to get worried too much! huhu. Set your intention, to help your family, help your students and those who are in need. Insyaallah, Allah will ease everything for you sister. I pray that you will become a successful teacher, (a murobbi hopefully), and able to help your family as well… Do pray for me too! It’s a tough world out there! 😀 Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy your degree life, okay? all the best Arin


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