Form 4: ‘HOME!’ activity for narrative essay.

I just did this activity yesterday. The class was at 10.05 am-11.15 am, and some students were a bit sleepy. So I did an activity in introducing them to the structure of a narrative essay (E.g.: Orientation-Rising action-Climax-Falling action-Resolution).Before you go to the elements of a narrative essay, you may start doing the activity and let them doing the labeling part later. I know that most of them (and perhaps all) have heard or read stories before this. Hence, I want them to work in groups, and rearrange the story-line accordingly.



The first group that finishes the arrangement has to shout “HOME!”. The teacher checks on their answer whether it is correct or not. The first group that got it correctly wins!


  1. Teacher divides students into several groups or pairs. (This  activity works best in small groups so that everyone will work for it!)
  2. Teacher distributes the sample of narrative essay which has been cut into several parts and jumbled up.
  3. Teacher tells students the rules of the game (As mentioned above).
  4. Teacher officially announces to start the game. Students start to rearrange the story line. Teacher walks around the class and observe students working on the story line.
  5. Teacher goes to the first group to shout “HOME!”, an d checks their answer. If it is correct, they’ll be announced as winners. If not, teacher proceeds to other groups.
  6. Lastly, of course, you need to tell them the correct answer. Let the group that wins tell their classmates the correct arrangement.

The material:

2015-02-14 13.05.08

That’s it for today. The game was quite fun as students will learn to work together in finishing the task, as well as competing with each other. 🙂

Good luck! 😉