Split personality


7th April, 2015

Today, I learned a lot about the personality of a person. I understand that a person will not show his/her true ‘face’ to a stranger. I saw this in 9Gag post, a kind of saying by the Japanese people.

This is what I meant to say. Heh

And I think it is kind of true… Especially for a teacher like me. I think I only see the first face. Most of the time we judge our students; saying our students are like this and like that, putting labels, worrying so much that they will not be interested to learn in our class. Then, I start to realize today that each person has his or her own ability in certain things. You cannot force someone to do things that they do not want to.

Life’s lessons #1

I am too afraid of the real world out there. I ignored almost everything and makes my life vulnerable. I forget to really enjoy life. And most importantly, to constantly remember that my life’s fate has been written by Him. All I need to do is just do my best in everything, and believe in Him. Believe in every single choices that I make in my life. It’s written in Luh Mahfuz. Believe in qada’ & qadar, & it reminds me of the concept of tawakkal. 

I would like to thank a friend of mine for reminding me about this. Let’s be a lot more braver!

Thanks Bos