Just like a butterfly



It is a cycle,

Life isn’t stagnant,

That always change,

From one to another.


Sometimes it can be nice,

Sometimes it can be bad,

There are times when you are at your best,

But there are also times when you are at your worst!


One thing I believe,

When bad things happen,

There are good things ahead,

And I’m sure it’s true.


Our life is like a cycle,

Just like butterflies,

First you need to be on your own,

Only then you are free to explore things.


The first stage is the hardest,

The second becomes easier,

The next stage becomes better,

While the last is the best!


Just like a butterfly,

First you’re just an egg and stays in a place,

Next you’re a crawling caterpillar,

Then imprisoned in chrysalis to find strength.



Moving out slowly and carefully,

Trying to break the pupa and see the world,

Finally flying out freely,

Elegantly, happily!


Moving wings as far as you could,

Sucking honey from diverse types of flowers,

See a different new world,

And most importantly, you’re imprisoned!


You’re just free…



Final year reflection (Part 2)

My first semester of the final year did not work well at first. I admit, I did less planning and decided to just go with the flow. I did not expect for tonnes of homework that I was about to receive that semester. There was no planning at all, I did not list down all my homework, and most of the time I got myself confused and less organized. I could not focus when I started to do my assignments. I think of things hardly- which actually can be done just in an hour. Instead, it took me hours in front of my laptop, without any progress. Well, I call it as the most unproductive semester ever. Haha.

However, I am still thankful for feeling that way. I learned that I need to put things in order, see things in a different perspective. And most importantly- JUST DO IT! Procrastination always happen when you tend to delay your work which are due to several internal and external factors. As for me, I did have both.

List down things that you need to settle, and a time frame.

“Working hard is important. But there’s something that matters even more…believing in yourself.” – Harry Potter

Approaching the end of final practicum

I just got back from my hometown, and still feeling homesick. Yes, we do feel the same way as we were in our first year of foundation. Home is where your heart belongs to. 😉

Another month to go for our practicum. 2 weeks are going to be the examination weeks, so no lesson plans for a few weeks! *phew!*

However, we have another problem here, while approaching to the end of our practicum- we start to feel a bit more lazier, and have lack of ideas for teaching our students. Most of the time, the lessons would be impromptu. Most of our plans did not work, instead, it went another way around. That solely depends on the situations of the classroom, the students, and the atmosphere. And as a teacher, you have to think quickYes, you have to…

Last week was a hectic one. Hence, a lot of teacher were not in the class. When I went into the form 1 class at 12.25 pm to start the literature lesson, most of my students were sleeping, looking so tired and demotivated.

“Ala teacher, we are so tired! We’ve been waiting since 10 am… We feel so sleepy teacher…”, a male student started to complain.

I said that I did not know that no teachers entered their class. I would’ve done so if they told me earlier.

“See? I’ve told you to call the teacher just now so that we can go back earlier…”, the same boy make another sigh.

I just watch the conversation and students keep whining over and over again.

So I decided to ask everyone to stand up. Another complain from the same boy;

“Ala teacher… not the same trick again! I know that you want us to do the ‘stand up and sit’ again…”

I said; “No. I am giving you this literature book. Still remember about our previous lesson about ‘Sad I Ams’ poem? Anyone of you that can answer the questions that I ask will get the chance to sit down. You can find the answers from the book. So if you want to answer my questions, just raise up your hand and answer correctly. Only then you can sit down.”

Another loud sigh of ‘Ala….’ coming out from my students’  mouth. But still, I had to bear  with them. I didn’t want to have a lecture and let the students sleep. That’s the last thing I would’ve wished for!

It’s a lucky day as all of them participated. I wrote down the points that they read based on the questions I asked about themes, moral values, and literary elements in the poem from the book. Lastly, I asked them to copy all the notes on the whiteboard into their literature notebook.

So, you won’t necessarily fail if you fail to plan, aren’t you?

Because future is something unpredictable… And you just have to make sure that the situation is under control.

Good luck! 😉

Bonus: Nah, belanja gambar favourite hari sukan 😀








Final year reflection (Part 1)

#Repost from the draft. Dah jadi pekasam dah. LOL.

I am currently having my semester break. It’s a short one, just for a month. I am freaking out for next week’s practicum. We need to register and proceed with the teaching practice! It’s time to put all the theories into practice, people! Well, that is not so simple. You’ve got to be well-prepared before you can teach. But, as what my friend used to ‘said’ in a whatsapp conversation; “Since we are still in the teaching practice, so it is still considered as learning, isn’t it? It’s just that we don’t need to go to classes anymore.”  As for me, making mistakes is okay, because you are still in the process of learning, but since you are about to have REAL students (this is no longer a normal lecture presentation), you need to be as perfect as possible, make the learning meaningful and purposeful. Your supervisor might give positive or negative feedback and comments based on your teaching style or classroom management. But one thing that you need to remember is never EVER give up. This was what my ‘Teaching Grammar for secondary schools’ lecturer said. You are facing students with ‘weird’ behaviors. Students nowadays are not the same as during our era, seriously. They are acting differently, and might have known things more than you do.

As I was travelling from Kuala Lumpur back to Terengganu, I thought of things that I worried about; my practicum. I’ve started to feel guilty for things that I’ve missed throughout my 3 and a half year studying in campus. So here, I’m sharing this so that you won’t go through the same ‘guiltiness’ as I do. 😉

List of things that I regret on my final year (Before the final semester):

  • I don’t know much.
  • I don’t read a lot (I am too lazy to walk to the library, or even to read books related to my course).
  • I did not practice what I have learned consistently.
  • I didn’t really know people around me; my friends, classmates, roommates, and lecturers.
  • I wasn’t so active in social work (clubs especially. But I did join students’ association which I am so grateful of those experiences & meeting  and working with awesome people around me 🙂 )
  • I did not stay long at school during my School Orientation Programme (SOP). We were supposed to complete a month of practicum at school, observing as well as completing reports. My colleague asked for the lecturers to cut it down for 2 weeks only. I was too excited to stop going to school in which I think there’s no problem for me to stay any longer.

Yes I do

Yeah… Let’s move forward!

ROS/SOP: My first practicum experience in TESL

Definitely not this ROSE!

I am reading my previous post in my blog about ROS, and reflect on my readiness to be a teacher. The last part of the post make me realize, how important it is to be honest in everything we do. 🙂

2014-06-23 07.38.20


I actually just finished my first practicum, which is known as SOP (School Orientation Program). SOP (or ROS in Malay, that’s what we call it, Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah) is one of the requirements for education students, and in my case, a third year TESL student of IIUM.

The SOP was not so bad. At first, I need to call any school that I want to go for the SOP. Just to inform & get their permission to go to their school for a period of time. Then, just inform it to the department & write down the contact number, as well as the address of the school. After a few weeks, you need to reconfirm with the department whether it is settled, or not.

The second semester of my third year ended!
That  means I had to pack my stuffs- all of them! Since Mahallah Safiyyah is having a huge renovation during the short semester, I could not leave my things in the store, since there’s no store provided for local students.

Enough with my problems in campus!
Let’s talk about SOP!
It is vital for each education student to understand that SOP (or ROS) is not a practicum whereby you have to teach in the class. No teaching is allowed. You only need to prepare some reports about the school that you went to, write about the school, and do some interviewing, so that you understand how the school works. Other than that, you have to do some classroom observation, which you have to enter several English teachers’ classes and analyse their methods, materials, and approaches of teaching. Basically, through this program you should be able to understand the climate of the school, see how the teachers handle their teaching sessions and apply them when you become a teacher soon. In  this case, I did some observations for three different English teachers, interviewed the principal and the head of English panels, as well as 2 students.

We should  finish the program within 4 weeks time, which was actually longer than the previous batch. Yes, it was. But some of my friends asked our lecturers if it was possible for us to shortened the program. And they said YES! But the reports need to be posted earlier than the previous date-which I think was not a big deal. I think so. Perhaps.

Sunday, 22nd June, 2014.

I did my SOP at my ex-secondary school, SMK Seri Dungun. It’s quite interesting to go back to your old school & see if there’s any changes there. This time, I’m no longer a student, not wearing  school uniform, but as a practicum student! Yes, I was quite excited & nervous at the same time. I dressed like a teacher that morning, excluding a name tag (since I don’t have one). I went straight to the office that morning for registration. I met the school clerk and a few teachers. Some did recognize me, but some didn’t. I remembered one teacher, named Che Su, asked me to come along to the assembly hall first before meeting the senior assistant. This time I was sitting on a chair, on stage! It did feel awkward at first. I had no one to talk to.

The first week was a bit boring for me. There were also a lot of awkward moments and feelings. I didn’t know what to do, I did not know whom should I spoke to. Most of the teachers are 40+ in age! And I can say that all of them are married, because when I sat among the teachers, their main topics would be mostly about family matters!

“Sahur tadi masak lah nasi goreng tomyam… Tapi anak tak berapa nak tambah makan… Tak tahulah nak masak apa untuk sahur nanti.”

I tried to understand what they’ve been through, but I am a single lady. I do not talk about those things, and it takes time for me to respond to such conversation. hahah. Sorry dear teachers if I did not respond a lot to questions or conversations about cooking, or kids, because I’m not in that ‘world’ yet.

The first week was a busy week for teachers- they’re busy organizing the sports day throughout the week. They need to prepare for the tents, decorated them, prepared the mascots, handled every single tournaments, and so on. It was quite fun to watch them handling those things, I did join them. One teacher (which I didn’t ask her name until now- ya aku menyesal tak bertanya) talked a lot about herself with me, while we were preparing for the bunga hantaran for the marching on the next day. For the blue team, they had a theme of bride. Yes, without the groom! LOL.

The week ended by joining the Sports day’s celebration. I know, it was a little awkward when I bought my lunch at the students’ section, a teacher did asked me about that, but the foods looked more delicious anyway! 😀
The second week

I was demotivated to go to school on that morning. Plus, it was Ramadhan. It’s not that I wasn’t happy because it is Ramadhan, but the fear of having awkward moments was there.

Alhamdulillah, on the first day of the second week, I was able to observe a classroom, a form 5 class. The teacher-Puan Marniza asked me to introduce myself in front of the class (just to see her students’ reaction :p ) , & then I sat at the back of the class. The same goes to other 2 english teachers’ classes, I sat at the back, writing, observing, recording, & taking pictures.

I decided to end my SOP within 2 weeks of time. I did tell the principal and he allowed me to finish up my reports at home, once I finished collecting all the data. I gave something for all English teachers that helped me a lot throughout the program, as a sign of gratitude…

Sometimes, I do regretted that I finish the practicum earlier. I should have followed what the principal said, “Duduklah seminggu lagi ke…”. But I insisted.I started to enjoy the practicum actually within the second week. I knew more students and teachers as well. I had fun talking with the teachers, especially the English teachers which were close with me. I enjoyed seeing the school environment.

I told my mom once when I went back from school during the 1st week of my practicum;

“Ma, what if I continue my study in other fields? Like… agriculture?”
“Why? You don’t have any interest in education anymore..?”
“I don’t know ma. It’s pretty hard actually. You need to handle the students, a lot of works and stuffs…”

My mom tried to convince me that getting involved in the education field is not just because of the profession, but it has to be more than that. You are EDUCATING people! The future generation. And this is how you can try to do more kindness, to give what you have, contribute as much as you can to the people, to your people.

The second week of my practicum, I did a lot of interviewing, getting to know teachers’ experiences and students’ life (which I’ve been through before this). I did put a question in each interviews, for teachers & the principal. It sounds like this:

“Is there any advice for future teachers, like us?”

Most of them would reply, have passion, know what you are doing, do it sincerely, and give your full commitment! It is not all about money or popularity, but it is how far you are willing to teach your students in every aspects of life. Education at school is more than academical stuffs, it is more than that. The principal did say, “Though there are some of the students are not well-achieved in academic or co-curricular activities, the least that we can do is to educate them to be well-mannered people, with good morals, and not causing any problems to the society. That’s how we do in the daily school, since we have two groups of students here.”

While writing the report, I am actually re-evaluating and reflect on my readiness to become a teacher one day.I guess I have achieved both objectives stated by the kuliyyah. Inshaallah.

May Allah ease everything.

#PrayForGaza #Pray4Muslimsallaroundtheworld

My final year of study in TEASL at IIUM (A reflection)

Basically a complete TEASL program in IIUM would take you about 4 years to be completed. As one of the students in the Kuliyyah of Education (Majoring in TEASL), I do feel so lucky and grateful to be here 🙂 Yes. In IIUM, we call different faculties as kuliyyahs, which is an arabic term (well, that sounds like a good way of Islamization from the usage of terms in our campus, isn’t it?). As one of the products of a daily school, I feel blessed for being in this campus. I just love the environment of the campus, the people, and the system itself (just some of them. Sometimes there are still some leakage in terms of the management system- which received lots of complains from the students themselves). So, enough mentioning about the campus, let’s focus on TEASL itself! Shall we?

Okay! So… If you are a direct intake student, you need to seat for several exams during your first week in the campus (right after the orientation week-or known as the ‘Taaruf Week). Here are the lists of exams that you need to pass:

1. The EPT (English Language Placement Test)

2. The APT (Arabic Language Placement Test)

3. The Tilawah examination (It tests your skill in reciting the Quranic verses with appropriate ways.)


How to pass those exams? Well, that depends on the type of program you are taking. But having a band 6 is a MUST for all students in order to continue with your kuliyyah subjects. If not, you have to stay in CELPAD, learning English language until you pass the exam, with at least band 6. Meanwhile, the Arabic language Placement Test (APT) has a different demand, depending on the type of program that you are about to take. For instance, students from the Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) need to pass band 6 before entering the kuliyyah as most of their courses demand for the mastering of Arabic language. As for the Tilawah test, I think this one acts as an added value for the students. You are lucky enough as you will be able to graduate with good Quranic recitation (hopefully. Insyaallah, if you struggle to learn & understand what you learn. The most important thing is to practice it in your daily life! Never stop reading Qur’an. Once you’ve stopped reading for a long time, it’s hard to start it all over again, and you might stutter while reading. Yes, it sounds quite embarrassing and grievous for a degree level student. But… it’s never too late to change, isn’t it? 😉 ).

As for TEASL students, these are aour requirements:

  • Pass the EPT with at least Band 6
  • It’s okay to not pass the APT, but you need to pass band 2 and you may take the Arabic language course while you are studying in your kuliyyah. Complete level 2 before you graduate okay… It’s a requirement!
  • For the Tilawah, you may register for the course while you are in your kuliyyah as well. But remember to complete this before you graduate!


Believe me, I also used to think of the same question before. Unfortunately, I’ve never get the answer, since I have never asked the authority. But, instead of complaining, let’s strive for excellence yeah? We need to pass so that we are competent enough while studying & to survive in this campus. You have to write lots of reports in English language, and some kuliyyahs in Arabic. Grammar does play an important role in determining your grades. Readings, writings, listening & speaking- all of these need to be done mostly in these two languages.


Let’s go to the next level …



So this is the view of Kuliyyah of Education next to the river!


It was a fun and challenging journey. TEASL wasn’t my first choice as I graduated secondary school. I wanted to be a botanist. But then TEASL it is! Parents’ choice. So, I am a type  of person who just ‘go with the flow’. But I’ve started to like education, I love teaching profession. Though I haven’t started my teaching practicum yet, but I am so anxious to know how teaching feels like. I know, there would be tough moments, in which you have to deal with some problematic students, and deal with the teachers (which some of my senior said unfriendly teachers do exist at school). So, I think it depends on how you deal with the situation. Teaching profession trains you to be creative, and be confident of every single decisions that you do, to find solutions for learning problems, and understanding others’ needs. Here, we learned on how to deal with the students. You’ll start the semester by learning basic methodologies and psychological theories of learning. You understand how learning works, so that you will get a general idea on how learning takes place in human’s life.

Final semester would be full of assignments in which you have to prepare lesson plans (a complete guide for an English language lesson)-lots of them! And, of course, presentations… TEACHING-lah! haha. This is the most interesting part. You will know how to control your nervousness, classroom control, voice projection, as well as transitions from one part to another part.

So who says teaching is easy??!

*Will continue my experience-sharing next time. It’s already late. Will be having a kenduri tomorrow. 🙂

P/s: Am not getting married yet. It’s a kenduri kesyukuran for my big sister. May Allah bless 🙂