First posting in Felda Tenggaroh


As someone who did not travel a lot, I was not familiar with Johor state. In fact, I could even count with my own fingers on numbers of time I visited this state before. To be honest, most of my classmates in TESL from Kelantan or Terengganu requested for their own states, including me. As expected, we did not manage to get our desired locations, instead, most of the east coast people are posted to Johor.

When I checked my result on SPP, of course, I felt so nervous thinking whether I will get the chance to be a teacher or not. I was so grateful that I got posted, even not in my own state. Trying to be positive, I told myself that I need to stay out of my comfort zone and take it as a challenge by living in a new place.


If you ask Johorians about the district of  Mersing, most people will think of a small town, a very remote place in the state of Johor. Well, in my case, I thought of Mersing as a nice place which located near the beach, facing the South China Sea. It would have been so wonderful to be living next to the beach. However, my idea about Mersing was not the same as the day before. I just knew that I was sent to a remote place.  I think it is worse. I was posted to a Felda (a place surrounded by palm estate). My first impression was it is a remote area, a place where you hardly even find a shop or to buy things. It took me 40 minutes to reach the school from Mersing town.


As we reached the school, I was fascinated by the beautiful musolla. It is finely decorated in and out. I went to the office and met the school pricipal with other two new teachers. I was lucky that the principal had already arranged a place for us to stay. Then, we moved into the house located nearby. It was quite shocking to see that the house that we rent was empty. Totally empty, except for the sink in the kitchen. Thank God that I brought along a mattress, a pillow to put my head on, and some cutlery to be used. My housemate and I sat for hours in the living room doing nothing, thinking of our own fate being sent here. As I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram, I think we were lucky enough to have a place to stay when some of our friends were still renting at hotel.



After three months of staying and teaching in a new place, I think I can cope quite well here with my friends. We even have more furniture and things after several weeks we stayed here. To be honest, I am so thankful that I was posted here. The nature is a bit different due to different exposure and environment as compared to schools that are nearby the city or town. However, I take that as a challenge for me to utilize every single chance that I have in making them understand English and use it as much as they can. I hope I can keep this spirit until the end of my service… Hahah!

My advice to the next batch or future teachers who are about to get posted; know what you are doing. I am reminding myself as well to be prepared for any future conditions that I am about to face. Most importantly, to try our best in anything that we do. Real life is not the same as the one that you watch in Malay drama or movies… When you got back home, sitting on a nice couch, watching TV, your housemate makes a cup of coffee for you, bla, bla, bla… It’s nonsense! We (and most of the teachers) started with zero. And I told myself that I will remember the time when I lived in a tough situation. It makes you stronger, and appreciate things that you have later on.

‘Till then!

Good luck!

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Split personality


7th April, 2015

Today, I learned a lot about the personality of a person. I understand that a person will not show his/her true ‘face’ to a stranger. I saw this in 9Gag post, a kind of saying by the Japanese people.

This is what I meant to say. Heh

And I think it is kind of true… Especially for a teacher like me. I think I only see the first face. Most of the time we judge our students; saying our students are like this and like that, putting labels, worrying so much that they will not be interested to learn in our class. Then, I start to realize today that each person has his or her own ability in certain things. You cannot force someone to do things that they do not want to.

Something to ponder about teaching writing…

“The teacher who strives only to have students increase their skills, is generally wasting her time until she interests them in WANTING to write, in having a PURPOSE in writing, and in writing with HONESTY and RESPONSIBILITY. It is not always possible within the constraints of the syllabus and school environment to do this but they need to act as pedagogic lighthouses towards which you move.”

Paul Anderson (1964)

Tribute to Tok Guru Nik Aziz

Beliau seorang murabbi. Beliau masih terkenal dengan kebaikannya selama beliau hidup. Aku pernah mendengar tentang kebaikannya, banyak kali. Aku menonton dokumentari mengenainya, membaca cerita-cerita tentang dirinya, kata-kata hikmah, nasihat darinya. Aku tahu, semua itu, insyaallah hadir ikhlas dari hatinya. Sungguh, aku merasakan suatu kehilangan yang besar, seperti separuh daripada diriku hilang. Belum pernah sebelum ini aku meratapi pemergian seseorang seperti ini. Sungguh, aku belum pernah menemui beliau sepanjang hayatnya. Aku hanya pernah menatap fotonya, membaca karyanya yang terasa sungguh dekat dihati. Bukan aku seorang sahaja yang berfikir seperti ini, mungkin yang lain juga merasakan seperti ini; mungkin begini rasanya para sahabat setelah kehilangan Rasulullah… Rasa seperti tidak mahu percaya, tetapi itulah hakikatnya- manusia itu tidak kekal, yang kekal hanyalah Dia. Tapi sebagai seorang Muslim, aku percaya, kita akan berada dengan orang yang kita cintai di alam sana nanti, dengan izin Dia.

Sejujurnya, aku tidak pernah menghadiri atau menonton kuliah beliau. Aku hanya mendengar & membaca tentangnya melalui perkongsian di Facebook, whatsapp, ataupun buku yang dibaca. Orangnya merendah diri, bersederhana, tidak bermewah-mewah walaupun jawatannya tinggi. Tapi aku rasa dekat sangat, seakan aku pernah bertemu dengan beliau. Moga kita bertemu di alam sana. Moga Allah mengurniakan Allahyarham Tok Guru dengan segala kebaikan yang telah beliau laksanakan sepanjang hidupnya. Aku berdoa moga aku, dan kita, dapat contohinya. Jadikan dia sebagai ikutan yang baik. Jadilah kita seorang murabbi seperti dia. Aku sangat tertarik dengan akhlak yang ditonjolkannya. Aku kagum dengan ilmu yang diamalkannya. Moga kita juga menjadi pendidik yang mampu memberi teladan yang baik.

Aku masih teringat kali pertama aku terbaca satu nasihat Tok Guru mengenai tahajjud;

“Kalau kita terjaga di tengah-tengah malam itu, ia sebenarnya satu anugerah dari Allah. Allah kirimkan malaikatNya mengejutkan kita supaya kita bangun beribadah kepada Allah. Sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana mengejutkan kita, paling malas pun, mintalah apa-apa (berdoa) walau sedikit (meskipun kita masih di tempat tidur) kepada Allah. Kemudian tidurlah.

Kalau kita sedar, kemudian kita terus sambung tidur tanpa ucapkan apa-apa (contoh beristighfar, bertahmid dan sebagainya). Kemudian malam kedua dan malam ketiga pun begitu juga. Kita bimbang malaikat tidak akan datang lagi mengejutkan kita.”

Moga kita juga turut istiqamah seperti Tok Guru.

Terima kasih, dan selamat berehat Tok Guru…