Teaching Writing: Essay Map (Brainstorming)

Found a really cool website in helping your students mapping out their ideas (Brainstorming) before writing an essay… Just to try something else (using technology ) rather than having a traditional method. In fact, we’re saving the papers, aren’t we? 🙂

Click on the link, and explore more about it.

rwtessay map



rwtessay3 rwtessay4 rwtessay5 rwtessay6

Here’s the overall result. You can even save it in the form of PDF and print it out!

Obesity by dyana

Good luck! 😉

Teaching Writing: Compare and contrast



I just have no idea how I came across this website. I just googled about teaching writing. Unfortunately, I found the Readwritethink website which even provides lesson plans and teaching resources for teachers out there! Here’s the link that I’ve found really helpful in explaining about compare and contrast in writing an essay.

For more resources, you may find at the ReadWriteThink website 🙂

Hopefully this helps…

Till then! 😉