Form 1 poem: Sad I ams (By: Trevor Millum)


In the previous entry, I posted a poem entitled Sad I ams by Trevor Millum, since I felt very sad on that particular day.

Consequently, I am going to teach the poem tomorrow! Therefore, I prepared a slideshow with pictures that describe each line of the poem… I know, even me myself have problem in understanding the meaning of carburetor, chromium trim, sparking plug, etc. A lot of unfamiliar words in the poem. I am afraid that my students will not be able to understand if I only describe them verbally. Hence, I decided to use pictures and come out with a powerpoint slideshow for the purpose of tomorrow’s class. I hope this will benefit teachers out there. 🙂

Click to download the slideshow:

Poem-Sad I Ams

Good luck! 😉