Just like a butterfly



It is a cycle,

Life isn’t stagnant,

That always change,

From one to another.


Sometimes it can be nice,

Sometimes it can be bad,

There are times when you are at your best,

But there are also times when you are at your worst!


One thing I believe,

When bad things happen,

There are good things ahead,

And I’m sure it’s true.


Our life is like a cycle,

Just like butterflies,

First you need to be on your own,

Only then you are free to explore things.


The first stage is the hardest,

The second becomes easier,

The next stage becomes better,

While the last is the best!


Just like a butterfly,

First you’re just an egg and stays in a place,

Next you’re a crawling caterpillar,

Then imprisoned in chrysalis to find strength.



Moving out slowly and carefully,

Trying to break the pupa and see the world,

Finally flying out freely,

Elegantly, happily!


Moving wings as far as you could,

Sucking honey from diverse types of flowers,

See a different new world,

And most importantly, you’re imprisoned!


You’re just free…



Kuninaaziz’s Poem: The stranger (Part 1)

Frustrating days on December,

Her mind was in the air,

She couldn’t figure out why,

‘Till life gave a huge punch on her face.

Fell off from the pink bike,

She was in pain inside and out,

Luckily on train and bus they rode hometown,

Unwillingly sat next to a stranger.

Turned on the MP3 until she slumbered,

She never expected what happened,

The conversation started,

Though she did not interested.

The stranger spoke and they couldn’t stop,

Until they reached the end of the journey,

The stranger went away and never said goodbye,

And she continued with her own way… in confusion.

*To be continued*