The differences between us- the concrete jungle, and the kampung style.

I used to have a very honest comment, that I dressed like a kampung girl. I guess I understand how it feels like, being judged that way- part of me tried to deny the harsh comment, but I guess there’s some truth in those words. I really am a kampung girl.

I guess there’s nothing wrong from being who you really are. And I wish to take things positively- I am changing slowly for a better me. Not just physically, but most importantly I have to grow up as a wiser person. That is the only thing that people cannot interpret instantly, unless they know you very well… However, I learnt a new lesson- first impression is so important! So there’s no harm in changing the way you look, for a better you, and to make yourself feel more confident as you meet others.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind if you regard me as a kampung girl, ’cause I am. 🙂 And I am proud of it. I had a good childhood life living in a small town known as Tanah Rata & Dungun. I become an intrinsic person because of my surroundings as well-I guess I love to reflect myself more. Writing does help, and I am thankful that I am writing a post today! Yeeeeeha!

P/s: To the person who said that I looked like a kampung girl, I’d love to thank you, as you inspire me to write this post after months of not posting a single thread on my blog! Haha


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