False God

It’s a dangerous thing to romanticize

the past, to allow the nostalgia to drag

up old memories from the depths

of our hearts and fashion them into

something they’re not.

We build a mirage from a memory

and knelt before it like a false god.

What we called love was nothing

but foolish hope.

-Poem by: Beau Taplin


Kuah Kastard by Mama Dee

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Saja nak tepek sini resepinya, sebab selalu lupa mana pergi kertas pastu akhirnya akan call my mom untuk minta resepi. Jadi, sebelum dia rasa geram, baik kita simpan siap-siap kat sini ye. Feel free to try this, as you can serve it together with bread pudding or fried banana.

Gambar ihsan google


  • Susu cair- 1 tin
  • Gula- 1 tin
  • Gula- 2 atau 3 senduk kecil
  • Esen vanila- 1 sudu kecil
  • Telur- 1 biji (pukul dahulu)
  • Tepung kastard- 3 sudu besar


  1. Masukkan semua bahan.
  2. Kacau atas api yang perlahan sehingga tekstur kuah menjadi sedikit pekat. Just nice jelas nak makan dengan puding… πŸ™‚

Senang kan? I couldn’t believe it myself that we managed to prepare a good one! ^_^

Good luck! ❀

Petola tumis air as Izi as ABC

My mom sometimes cook petola tumis air for lunch or dinner. It is a healthy meal, I can say. Lots of soup too, and easy to be prepared! Why Izi? Because my housemate always prepare this and she’s pretty good at it! πŸ˜‰

So here’s the pretty simple recipe (in Malay la eh)….

Resipi Petola Tumis air


  • Petola
  • Bahan tumis (halia, bawang merah, bawang putih 2 ulas)-blend bawang. halia tumbuk kasar2 aje ye
  • 3 sekawan (kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, buah pelaga)
  • Set soo hoon & tauhu kering (boleh beli dalam paket siap semua untuk 1x masak)
  • Cendawan
  • Minyak!
  • Ayaq! (Air secukupnya)
  • Garam (wajib)


  1. Panaskan minyak secukupnya untuk tumis.
  2. Tumis 3 sekawan. Kemudian masukkan bahan tumis. Tumis hingga naik bau dan kekuningan.
  3. Kemudian masukkan air supaya bawang tak hangus. Masukkan petola. Didihkan.
  4. Masukkan cendawan dan soo hoon beserta tauhu kering yang dah direndam dengan air panas tadi…
  5. Masukkan garam secukup rasa!

The key to good taste is practice, practice, and practice! It was my first time cooking this petola tumis air, and I admit that Izi did it better than I do… haha.

Good luck! ❀


The sun sets

We’re both in isolation

With the one that matters to us the most

Whom used to be close enough

And we wished to never be apart

But that’s how fate makes us together

To comfort each other

And now here we are

Busying ourselves

Productivity- that’s our new motto!

Until what’s left in the future is the memories

of the past

You and I in the present

Consoling each other

I saw it through your blue eyes

The grief

just like the hazel eyes

And we cuddled

As I caress the white fur

I stared at the ‘latte’

I guess you endure the same pain

So I said…

We are now both


The gaze

It is still fresh in my memory

It was us

On a journey to the south

Hours before we departed

It was just a mere glance

As I waited for thoughtful answers being uttered

Your eyes were having difficulty to drive at night

or rainy days

you said it is okay

I felt safe

Though I still have doubt

And I still remember

A slight glimpse that evening

I don’t have to wait for years or months

But it only takes a few seconds

That finally left me

an everlasting affection.



Count your blessings…

Hi. I am back with another short post… Random thoughts on this long mid-year break. Yep, we’re having two weeks break and this is such a blessing! Alhamdulillah. What could be much better than spending your holiday with your loved ones? πŸ˜€

I had this short conversation with a friend of mine on being grateful. Well, I actually have had so many conversations on being thankful on things that we have, rather than complaining on whatever we have not owned (yet). I have come to realize that the more you are filled with gratitude, the more you will earn in the future. Sometimes you might not, but I have learnt that by being more appreciative, I tend to not take things around me for granted. Let’s say if I am so tensed about my job… Just imagine about a job other than being a teacher. Can I cope with that? At least I have everything I need. I don’t think that I can work well in other fields, and in fact, this is the best for me.

Just believe that He knows whatever we don’t. So I’d like to remind myself to be thankful each day until the end of my life.

Good night! ❀

Puding karamel telur mama Dee

This year, I had to fast for two weeks in Johor with my colleague. Other than being with my family, I’ve been waiting to be back home to enjoy all the homemade traditional delicacies! One of my brother’s favourite dessert on this fasting month is the caramel pudding prepared by my mom… I actually have been thinking of having this dessert ever since I was in Johor. Mother knows best, isn’t she?

Gambar sekadar hiasan… No nice photos were captured since I was too eager to NGAP je! But believe me, it looks exactly just. Like. This…

She told me it is the easiest recipe she has ever tried! I saw her preparing it more than once, and it is indeed as easy as ABC! (Not until you have done it yourself, and the recipe works, and the food tastes delicious! Hahah!). Now let’s get into preparing the pudding. Nak bakar dalam oven (double boiling) boleh, atau nak kukus pun boleh. You choose… okay? πŸ˜‰


  • Telur- 3 biji
  • Susu cair-suku gelas
  • Gula-2 senduk
  • Esen vanilla-1 sudu kecil
  • Air masak-1 cawan


Karamel gula hangus:

  1. Cairkan 1 senduk (bulat)  gula pasir bersama 3 sudu besar air masak di dalam frying pan hingga perang. (P/s: Pastikan api kecil supaya tak hangus ye!).
  2. Letakkan dalam bekas kaca/acuan yang diingini (yang tahan panas & sedikit besar sebab nanti nak letak adunan puding pula).


  1. Dalam 1 gelas, campurkan susu & 1 senduk (bulat) gula dan kacau hingga larut.
  2. Dalam bekas lain, pukul (lembut) 3 biji telur & masukkan esen vanilla.
  3. Campurkan susu tadi bersama adunan telur. Tambah sedikit air (lebih kurang setengah cawan) jika perlu.
  4. Tapiskan campuran dan masukkan dalam mangkuk caramel tadi.
  5. Bakar selama setengah jam tanpa ditutup aluminium foil (teknik ni dipanggil double boil katanya)- letak air dalam dulang pembakar (pada 15 minit pertama, api atas bawah, dan pada 15 minit kemudian api bawah sahaja) atau boleh kukus sahaja selama 20 minit & tutup bekas dengan aluminium foil.

Cara nak tahu pudding sudah masak, boleh cucuk dengan lidi… Sekiranya adunan tidak melekat, maknanya dah masak lah tu…

Thank you Mama for sharing this recipe! All credits goes to her… I am just retyping her recipes she found on the net…

Good luck!