HEBAT bacaan modules

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‘HEBAT’ as it sounds like…

Today, I’m going to share a lot of HEBAT bacaan modules for teachers (or soon to be teachers) out there. HEBAT or known as  ‘Hayati, Eksplorasi Berfikir Aras Tinggi’ is actually a set of modules designed to improve the teaching and learning of reading. Basically, this program is done in order to prepare our fellow students for the future PISA test on 2018, due to the shocking result on 2012 PISA rank. Not only that, it is also hoped that through this program, students are able to be independent readers by mastering reading skills and higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in solving problems and responding towards any issues.

There are 20 modules altogether. Each module represents different levels of learners. Something that I love about these modules is there are complete lesson plan for each units, together with the materials. In short, teachers out there are lucky enough to have those materials being prepared for them. I was also quite shocked to see YouTube links being attached  in those modules!

HEBAT bacaan background

General overview mind map

Powerpoint slideshows : Training of trainer (TOT) notes on HEBAT bacaan

Feel free to download these files for your classroom materials.


20 units of HEBAT bacaan modules

Module 1 : Movie Time

Module 2 : Pandemic

Module 3 : Bioenergy

Module 4 : Hello

Module 5 : Online shopping

Module 6 : Live well

Module 7 : Earth day

Module 8 : Evolution of television

Module 9 : Cloud society

Module 10 : Under my skin

Module 11 : Risky credit

Module 12 : Nano tech

Module 13 : Smart choices

Module 14 : Hybrid cars

Module 15 : Endangered species

Module 16 : Cold hard cash

Module 17 : Budget travel

Module 18 : State of mind

Module 19 : Inventions

Module 20 : Selfie