More language games!

In my previous post, I already mentioned that we’re having English months at a tuition center… So the lesson would be less formal and I discovered that KIDS LOVE GAMES SO MUCH! Yeah, so do we. Who hates games, right?

Hence, I tried to discover some practical games that I can do in class with my students. Please check out this website for more ideas in which I think mostly can be done easily in the real classroom. 🙂

I tried one of the games suggested from the website and the students just love it! Psst! They do love surprises and the guessing-kind-of-thing!


1. Pictionary game (Focus on vocabulary)


  • Prepare the words in small papers and fold them. Put into a small box.
paper words

Like this! (P/s: I wrote the meaning in Malay language in case they don’t know the meaning.)

“Now let’s start playing, shall we?”

  • Give the instructions to students. It is such an easy and relaxing game. A student has to come out and pick a piece of paper. Open it up, and without saying the word, the person has to draw whatever is written on the board. Meanwhile, the other friends have to guess the word. Easy-peasy!

2015-11-26 20.42.50

Based on my observation, they really enjoy the game. Even the quiet one started to take part in the game. 🙂

2. Snakes and ladders game (Main focus: Grammar-Articles)

I found this game in the form 2 text book (page 86). You can always photocopy and paste it on a thick board so it will be long-lasting, and can be repeatedly used!

Since the game is based on the application of students’ knowledge on articles (a, an, the), I explained a little bit about articles, the rules, and about how and when to use them. Only after that we play this snake and ladders game!


Make sure you have dice and tokens beforehand!

3. Sentence makers game

Okay, I just created the name of this game… I don’t know what to call it. But basically, you just need a coin and tokens.

  • Students can spin or flip the coin in the air, and see whether they get a tail or a head. If one gets a head, he has to move two squares, and if he gets a tail, just move one step forward.
  • When you’re on the square, read the topic stated (E.g.: Vehicles). Students have to think of a type of vehicle (E.g.: Bus) and try to make a correct sentence using that word.
  • If the sentence is proper, the player can flip the coin again. If they got it wrong, the teacher corrects the sentence and other player continues the game.
  • The first person to reach the finish line wins the game! 🙂

2015-12-04 11.16.04

All it takes is just some effort to prepare the materials. What’s important is the students enjoy and learn something (hopefully).

Good luck!


#teachwith ❤