A scene of desolation

You were covered with sweat

Filled with joy

Until a time bomb stopped ticking

Only you could feel the explosion

Your iced heart stopped beating for one second

After a moment of joy

Comes a new phase of life

You hid yourself under the veil

invisible and unseen

Experiencing your hands are being tied

Your body was slowly drowning

Into the deepest freezing ocean

Until one moment

I tried reaching your hands

stretching my arms as far as I could

until all I could touch is the end of your fingertips

both of us froze abruptly

Stopped moving nor trying

I thenceforth realized that

Your legs are

Being tied.

Kuninaaziz’s Poem: ‘The Hope’


To go with the flow,

That is the principle,

Though things she doesn’t know,

She always keep it simple.


Days and and month passed by,

Only twice they met,

Every separation without goodbye,

Nor hi as they met.


Monsoon season on November,

Throwback on last December,

She will always remember,

A promise that need to discover.