To be or not to be?

Hi! I guess some of us might be familiar with the famous line… It is a quote from Hamlet which means ‘To act or not to act’?

This question actually exists in my mind as I watch this particular video by Aiman Azlan on whether you are ready for a marriage? The response was quite interesting… It is not a question whether you are ‘ready or not’, but rather ‘how much have you prepared yourself towards THAT goal’?

Ready vs prepared

At first, I thought these words might have the similar meaning. However, as I was watching the video, I think they might have slight different definitions. Prepared sounds more optimistic, I think, hahah! As if you have plans in case things does not work out, and just in case you have to face any consequences in the future, you always have plan B. From what I understood, being prepared also equals to making sure that you will have all the knowledge that you need before doing something. For instance, if I want to bake pineapple tarts, I might need to have the knowledge on how to produce it- the ingredients that I need, the optimum temperature to bake the tart, etc. (Why am I sounding so academical all of sudden?hahhah). The point is… I think preparing yourself sounds more practical, rather than being ready which focuses more on the feeling itself- the emotional part.

Was I ready?

Well, I guess this does not solely applies on marriage. It also applies in any situations. Let’s say… I used to have an ambition to become a teacher. That was one of my dreams ever since I started my foundation in TESL. I thought that I will be 100% ready as I finished my final practicum at school. I had my practicum twice! The first one was known as ROS (observing and preparing reports by getting yourself familiar with the school environment). However, reality hits me hard as I had my second practicum in Gombak. I wasn’t ready at all! Well, maybe 60% ready… Perhaps I thought I was only 70% ready once I got posted to Johor. Believe me, you will never ever be emotionally ready for anything. In fact, I still get anxious whenever someone (even my own colleague) wants to observe me teaching in my own class. I’ve done it thousands of times, yet I am still learning to be better.

Random Post after 1 year + being a school teacher…?

I always end up having lots of drafts. I wanted to write this and that, then postponed, and I have already forgotten to edit them… So I think I just need to write whatever that crosses my mind at this moment! ^_^


I have already stayed in FELDA for almost two years time now. I think I can adapt quite well with my environment, work, and students . Sadly, one of my gangs has been posted to another school. So it’s just the two of us now. I have lots of new year’s resolutions too! (Well, I think it’s still not too late to share them now, it’s just February anyway :p ).

Some of my resolutions are ….

  1. to be well-prepared in everything I do
  2. get myself to be more productive (sounds too general. Well, that’s my yearly resolution!)
  3. have positive and supportive environment (surround myself with positive-minded people and create a good ‘mood’ in my work-space or at home)
  4. Get some furniture and paint the house!
  5. give more, expect less, but you can always expect something good out of something.
  6. have a strong faith in everything that Allah has provided a.k.a. REDHA

It’s some sort of a spiritual journey, I tend to understand myself more when I am living far away from my family. You tend to be more independent. I am glad that I have Izi, a very supportive friend, a good company too. I don’t know which one of us will get married first, but I wish we’ll get married on the same year! (Hahah! Out of topic!)

My second year…. I would say is easier than the first one. You have already get used to everything. The first moments might be a bit tough. I admit that I was not so good at everything. My work was a mess. We never learned on how to mark or count register, how to use all the online systems in campus. Hence, you become a student again in the real working condition.

However, remember that teaching is our main core business. Focus on the teaching of the skills… The grade falls on the second in my priority list, and that is what I believe when I teach students in Felda for a year. Even though their marks are not so satisfying as compared to students in the city, I wish that they learn at least how to speak in English. Perhaps certain new information from my class, or new vocabulary, new grammar rules, new memories…

’till then.



Reading comprehension: Silent reading


I just finished my form 1 class. They seemed to be excellent and intermediate students. Most of them can answer and respond to my questions pretty well. During my degree (and even now), I read that silent reading can be very helpful. These are some of the reasons that I think might make some sense of it:

1. Focus

As compared to reading out loud in groups or classes, students reading individually and silently can be really helpful as they can concentrate on reading alone, without the disturbance of speaking. They also may focus on the meaning of each word or even the context of the sentences.

2. Processing

By reading individually, students are given time to process those words in their head. Students also can comprehend the context of the sentences by making sense of each words they read.

3. Imagining

Well, I am a visual person. If I am reading something, it takes me a lot of time to complete a text (that’s why I hate novels! haha!). Reading silently gives someone a chance to create pictures in their head on the text they read, which helps in giving them some pictures about the whole text. Oh! That’s why I love reading texts with adjectives and descriptions. That explains why I love A.Samad Said’s novels and poetry. I could imagine!


Just a simple sharing for today. Starting from now, I always ask my students to read on their own first before discussing the meaning of unfamiliar words with them. Vocabulary enrichment is also a good exercise in reading. I hope they’ll be getting better at using dictionary. 😉


’till then!

#teachwith ❤

Out of idea


Sometimes, when it comes to teaching, I just lost all my ideas and creativity. Sometimes I don’t know what happened. I tried so much to design all materials as best as I can to suit my students’ needs and level. Somehow, it makes me more confused on the topics and lesson that I have to plan. Is it because I have lack of knowledge on the syllabus that I have to touch on, or I am just a bit ignorant about the contents available in the textbook?


I am reminding myself that the textbook is there for a reason- as a guideline for someone who doesn’t know where to start (especially new teachers) in designing new lessons and finding suitable learning materials.


Guess it takes years to master all the systems, harmonizing things and becomes an expert in educating students in learning English.

I hope everything goes smoothly for tomorrow class.

Seriously, I am at my worst condition right now in terms of motivation level and ideas in teaching, but sometimes it ends up smoothly haha.


‘Till then!

#teachwith ❤

Current update


Hello everyone! It’s the second of Ramadhan in the year of 2016, and I am totally excited about it. We should make our days better than yesterday (well, at least dreaming of having one).

I am totally sorry because I haven’t been updating this blog for quite some time. After I graduated and worked as a tuition teacher, my life wasn’t as busy as the time when I started working at a private school. Yes, been killing myself with two jobs! Hahah…

It was very tiring, really… Sometimes I felt like quitting from one of it, but I didn’t. Until my boss asked me to have some break during this holy month of Ramadhan from any tuition classes. I’m so glad as I can focus on one job at a time… This is such a blessing!! 😀

So after this long school holiday, I’ll be focusing mainly on school. I’ll be teaching English subject for form 1 and form 2 students, and Science subject for form 5 students. Yes! I am teaching science! *pats on my back*

Some of you might be thinking;

“How on earth a TESL graduate can teach science subject. SPM pulak tuh!”

Well, lemme make this clear… Most teachers out there (even in government school) are also teaching subjects which are not their major. When I did my practicum during my degree, I met an English teacher. Well, her  English is good, and she could teach well too! To my surprise, she is not a TESL graduate. Yep, she’s not. In fact, she is a teacher who is specialized in science… However, due to her good reputation and results her students achieved in English subject, she still need to teach English until now (well, I think until she retired from being a teacher because she’s already master the syllabus and teaching skills. haha).

So how’s it going after teaching at an Islamic private school for almost 5 months…?

I’ll say… I survived, maybe…? Yeah, it’s tough to teach a subject that you are not familiar with (I was a science stream student when I was in secondary school, so it shouldn’t be a problem). But sometimes, I need to study and do some research before I teach as those information are no longer stored at the back of my head… Especially chemistry! I struggled a lot with that subject. However, I still love biology and physics the most! (Except the calculating part. I hate maths…)

So! Back to my first time experience teaching science subject at a private school… The school laboratory had just finished the renovation part, but it is not fully furnished yet. No beakers, test-tubes, bunsen burner, chemicals, and what not. My students always request to have an experiment, but we have some problems with the materials. Instead, before the school break started, I told them to build a volcano model each group and bring them after school. We’ll be doing a very simple experiment on chemical reactions using baking soda and vinegar.


Pour the vinegar into the baking soda and see how it reacts!

Another student suggested to make another experiment (this one is also famous on Youtube- the mentos and coke challenge!!). So I agreed and we’ll see how it works!

But we really need a spacious space for the experiment. ahha… I don’t know how it’s going to be like.


Okay, this guy is insane… Never try this at school, kids. If you really want to get yourself hurt, do it at home. I won’t be responsible for that. >_<

‘Till then! ❤


Trying out new things

Have you ever felt nervous while trying out new things..?

Going to a new place, making a presentation for the first time, meeting someone that you do not know before this, or even cooking for the first time might be a nightmare, especially for someone who is not used to break their usual habits.

I am that kind of person. Sometimes I am too afraid of trying out something different in life. Most of the time I will do that with one or more companions. Sometimes with my close friends, or with someone that has the same interests and goals as I do.

new year

I don’t usually do resolutions, but sometimes, I do… It’s because it makes us more focused. Well, even in Islam, we’re encouraged to do daily self-reflection before we go to sleep, and even during each time of prayer. We return to the real purpose of life, on why we are created and who are we actually worshiping… So, having a list of new year resolution is more like a trend. So I have mine, a list that constantly reminds me of things that I need to improve.  Not really because of trend, but I just need something fresh every single day, so that I feel purposeful, and making my life meaningful. Well, it takes time to find what you really want, need, and can do… But never ever give up finding those things that you want & have to do in life! 🙂

Each day is a gift. So, live your life to the fullest! ❤



Thinking of the unknown…

I haven’t been writing for quite some time… But I do write a lot on papers for my own reference… 🙂 It’s kind of fun actually to reread your previous thoughts about life from your own journal! Then you will see how much you have grown up, maturely. The way we response towards things that happen in our life would be more different, we tend (and should) be more rational in our actions. Hence, I always tell myself to have some time to think before I react towards any situations. Sometimes, when I have conflicts in life, I tend to sit alone and rarely let it out, except with people that are close to me. I prefer to sit and think about something, the pros and cons before I make a decision. Well, I am a type of person who has difficulties in making immediate decisions…

Man, you’re waaaay too confident!

Now let’s talk about random stuffs about life, shall we? 😀

In my previous post, I used to write something related to graduated students’ ‘culture’. You know, the marriage thingy. I always observe, read comments, confessions, and people’s responses towards marriage- though they are married or not. Sometimes we tend to judge marriage wrongly. I also do not really understand why people can have bad thoughts about marriage. Yeah, it could be due to so many news and stories being told on bad marriages such as abuse, the difficulties of becoming a wife, having ‘bad’ spouse, no chemistry, the burden of becoming a housewife, and the list goes on and on… It won’t stop there.


Well, this is life, people. We live to share, and adapt. We cannot solely change a person into somebody that we really want, or changing someone the same as you are… We’re humans, not robots that you can eaaasily change the settings as in the Real Steel’s movie… Yes, the future is unpredictable. Most of the time, a person that we just met does not show his/her true colors yet. But you can always keep praying (and hoping) that you will meet good people in your life, though sometimes you’re going to have bad times with certain people, take that as a part of life journey and take it as a lesson. And keep reflecting every single day. Based on my experience, time heals, and you tend to make a better decision when you are at peace. So chill out, and don’t easily freak out when things happen unexpectedly.

I remembered one time when I wanted to go back to my hometown… I’ve checked my ticket two days before and I supposed to be at the terminal before 10 am. So I reached there with Unni at 9 am. Just nice… But then I thought that my bus departed at 10.30.

Now here comes the problem. I did not check my ticket… until it was 10.15 am. I went down to Gate 10 and waited for my bus. Nobody was there. I felt weird. It should be more than 1 passenger from this terminal, it can’t be only me! So I took out my ticket and… I was speechless. I was 15 minutes late and angry with myself at that moment. I thought for a while on my very bad ‘luck’ on that morning… I questioned myself; “How could this happen? WHY NOW???!”. But then, as I think again, there must be reasons behind that. I couldn’t whine no more…

So I went upstairs and bought another ticket at the counter, and the bus departed at 11 am. Alhamdulillah, I still reached home safely that evening. The thing is that we can solve things as long as we keep looking for alternatives, keep moving rather than thinking too much about the problem (which is not really good). I admit, sometimes I do have anxiety problems. At times, we have those days that we cannot really think rationally. We need a company who can advice and listen to us… But once in a while, you need to decide on your own and stand on your own feet. That is life, and it’s never too easy. 😉


Split personality


7th April, 2015

Today, I learned a lot about the personality of a person. I understand that a person will not show his/her true ‘face’ to a stranger. I saw this in 9Gag post, a kind of saying by the Japanese people.

This is what I meant to say. Heh

And I think it is kind of true… Especially for a teacher like me. I think I only see the first face. Most of the time we judge our students; saying our students are like this and like that, putting labels, worrying so much that they will not be interested to learn in our class. Then, I start to realize today that each person has his or her own ability in certain things. You cannot force someone to do things that they do not want to.

A cliche final year trend …?

It is less than 2 weeks before we end our final semester here, in this campus, and at the school. I always reflect again, and again on things that I have learned, every single change that I feel and see, and every single person that surrounds me.

Looking at what we have achieved, inshaallah we’ll be graduating by the end of this year.

Photo by: Umarmita

It’s a kind of cliche- most final year students would end their study by giving wedding invitations, and I received three from my Facebook account. It’s not that I  am jealous or what not, but I really know that some of us have different paths in life. Not everyone has the chance to get married during their 20’s. I am not saying that I want to be an andartu (anak dara tua), but the time will come, soon. Sometimes I might get bored talking about the marriage thingy, and people getting worried about not finding the ‘perfect one’ yet.

Photo from Tumblr

Last Sunday, I attended an interview workshop and got an inspiring sharing moment with a Proton’s senior advisor, Puan Norwani. I still remembered her advice regarding to our future life;

…rizq (wealth), death, and your soul mates are all under His supervision. He rewards you with all of those things. All you need to do is work hard towards it. Then you pray and leave the rest to Allah (tawakkal). What makes people stressed out is when they want to do His job- determining the future. You just have to do your work as what human are told to do; to worship Him, do your best and leave the rest to Him.

I started to realize that I always getting nervous all the time during last semester. No kidding- my life was a total mess on last semester. There was once when I cycled from the kuliyyah to my mahallah (hostel), never stopped thinking about my research paper and other assignments. I worried too much that I finally fell down very hard on the ground while cycling home. I was unfocused. Luckily I went back to my hometown that night. Starting from that moment, I told myself to calm down, getting myself back on track and not to worry so much. I needed a company, and couldn’t be alone. Being home and talking to someone who truly understands you is like a therapy. And most importantly, I am telling myself that I have to be totally conscious of every single thing that I do in my life, to relate everything to Him. My life is not all about me, it’s about worshiping Him.

Most of us do things because everyone does it. I do not want to be that kind of person. I want to do things because I know that I should do that, and it is my obligation to do certain things. Marriage is one of the important events in life. It’s not just an event, it’s a commitment.

I realize how beautiful this religion is that every single life event or activity is guided by Him. You do something for a reason. You do not simply get married only because you are getting attracted to somebody’s physical traits or personality, but it has to be more than that. You need to have a stronger base. (Well now we’re talking about vision and mission in life! Of course you need those things in life~). For instance, you are looking forward to build better generation in the future, so you start with yourself, work together with your spouse, build a family whom will contribute to the society. To be honest, it is not that simple. It has to start within yourself, when you are still a single lady/man.

So people, let’s keep workin’ on ourselves! ❤

No matter what future you decide to have, I know everyone has his/her own stories… 😉



I guess I need to explore a lot of things on my own, when I am still a single lady… I’m waaaaaaaaaay too curious! :p

Approaching the end of final practicum

I just got back from my hometown, and still feeling homesick. Yes, we do feel the same way as we were in our first year of foundation. Home is where your heart belongs to. 😉

Another month to go for our practicum. 2 weeks are going to be the examination weeks, so no lesson plans for a few weeks! *phew!*

However, we have another problem here, while approaching to the end of our practicum- we start to feel a bit more lazier, and have lack of ideas for teaching our students. Most of the time, the lessons would be impromptu. Most of our plans did not work, instead, it went another way around. That solely depends on the situations of the classroom, the students, and the atmosphere. And as a teacher, you have to think quickYes, you have to…

Last week was a hectic one. Hence, a lot of teacher were not in the class. When I went into the form 1 class at 12.25 pm to start the literature lesson, most of my students were sleeping, looking so tired and demotivated.

“Ala teacher, we are so tired! We’ve been waiting since 10 am… We feel so sleepy teacher…”, a male student started to complain.

I said that I did not know that no teachers entered their class. I would’ve done so if they told me earlier.

“See? I’ve told you to call the teacher just now so that we can go back earlier…”, the same boy make another sigh.

I just watch the conversation and students keep whining over and over again.

So I decided to ask everyone to stand up. Another complain from the same boy;

“Ala teacher… not the same trick again! I know that you want us to do the ‘stand up and sit’ again…”

I said; “No. I am giving you this literature book. Still remember about our previous lesson about ‘Sad I Ams’ poem? Anyone of you that can answer the questions that I ask will get the chance to sit down. You can find the answers from the book. So if you want to answer my questions, just raise up your hand and answer correctly. Only then you can sit down.”

Another loud sigh of ‘Ala….’ coming out from my students’  mouth. But still, I had to bear  with them. I didn’t want to have a lecture and let the students sleep. That’s the last thing I would’ve wished for!

It’s a lucky day as all of them participated. I wrote down the points that they read based on the questions I asked about themes, moral values, and literary elements in the poem from the book. Lastly, I asked them to copy all the notes on the whiteboard into their literature notebook.

So, you won’t necessarily fail if you fail to plan, aren’t you?

Because future is something unpredictable… And you just have to make sure that the situation is under control.

Good luck! 😉

Bonus: Nah, belanja gambar favourite hari sukan 😀