To be or not to be?

Hi! I guess some of us might be familiar with the famous line… It is a quote from Hamlet which means ‘To act or not to act’?

This question actually exists in my mind as I watch this particular video by Aiman Azlan on whether you are ready for a marriage? The response was quite interesting… It is not a question whether you are ‘ready or not’, but rather ‘how much have you prepared yourself towards THAT goal’?

Ready vs prepared

At first, I thought these words might have the similar meaning. However, as I was watching the video, I think they might have slight different definitions. Prepared sounds more optimistic, I think, hahah! As if you have plans in case things does not work out, and just in case you have to face any consequences in the future, you always have plan B. From what I understood, being prepared also equals to making sure that you will have all the knowledge that you need before doing something. For instance, if I want to bake pineapple tarts, I might need to have the knowledge on how to produce it- the ingredients that I need, the optimum temperature to bake the tart, etc. (Why am I sounding so academical all of sudden?hahhah). The point is… I think preparing yourself sounds more practical, rather than being ready which focuses more on the feeling itself- the emotional part.

Was I ready?

Well, I guess this does not solely applies on marriage. It also applies in any situations. Let’s say… I used to have an ambition to become a teacher. That was one of my dreams ever since I started my foundation in TESL. I thought that I will be 100% ready as I finished my final practicum at school. I had my practicum twice! The first one was known as ROS (observing and preparing reports by getting yourself familiar with the school environment). However, reality hits me hard as I had my second practicum in Gombak. I wasn’t ready at all! Well, maybe 60% ready… Perhaps I thought I was only 70% ready once I got posted to Johor. Believe me, you will never ever be emotionally ready for anything. In fact, I still get anxious whenever someone (even my own colleague) wants to observe me teaching in my own class. I’ve done it thousands of times, yet I am still learning to be better.

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