Teaching the weak ones

I talked with my Head of Panel. Both of us almost give up on our students. Frankly speaking, we don’t even know that they are so weak at one point that they cannot even write simple sentences properly. As teachers, we try our best to prepare students for the exam, but at the same time, we are also trying our best to fill up the empty spaces- providing students with their need before the examination day.

Up until this moment, we are still clueless on things that we can or cannot do, should or should not do. Does a module will fix all the problems instantly? That’s what I always think of as we think that they are not ready for the exam because they do not really know the format and how to score in the examination. The question is, does that really matter? How do great linguists or Malay people became good in English and could really speak or write well?

Is it because of the environment?

Classroom inputs?

Personal motivation/ interest?

Constant supports from other people (teachers, peers, parents, and community)?


Personally, I believe that it comes from various factors. Teachers could be the main reason of why students can be so excellent in English. Constant input is vital in making sure that students can consistently practicing the language itself. Organizing a well-planned lesson throughout the year is also important in making sure that the lesson is working really well in achieving the final goal.


I guess I need to reflect myself daily as a teacher. Not in the lesson plan’s reflection (that’s waaaaay too short! Haha). I have to really understand the problem and find a solution ASAP!




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