Random Post after 1 year + being a school teacher…?

I always end up having lots of drafts. I wanted to write this and that, then postponed, and I have already forgotten to edit them… So I think I just need to write whatever that crosses my mind at this moment! ^_^


I have already stayed in FELDA for almost two years time now. I think I can adapt quite well with my environment, work, and students . Sadly, one of my gangs has been posted to another school. So it’s just the two of us now. I have lots of new year’s resolutions too! (Well, I think it’s still not too late to share them now, it’s just February anyway :p ).

Some of my resolutions are ….

  1. to be well-prepared in everything I do
  2. get myself to be more productive (sounds too general. Well, that’s my yearly resolution!)
  3. have positive and supportive environment (surround myself with positive-minded people and create a good ‘mood’ in my work-space or at home)
  4. Get some furniture and paint the house!
  5. give more, expect less, but you can always expect something good out of something.
  6. have a strong faith in everything that Allah has provided a.k.a. REDHA

It’s some sort of a spiritual journey, I tend to understand myself more when I am living far away from my family. You tend to be more independent. I am glad that I have Izi, a very supportive friend, a good company too. I don’t know which one of us will get married first, but I wish we’ll get married on the same year! (Hahah! Out of topic!)

My second year…. I would say is easier than the first one. You have already get used to everything. The first moments might be a bit tough. I admit that I was not so good at everything. My work was a mess. We never learned on how to mark or count register, how to use all the online systems in campus. Hence, you become a student again in the real working condition.

However, remember that teaching is our main core business. Focus on the teaching of the skills… The grade falls on the second in my priority list, and that is what I believe when I teach students in Felda for a year. Even though their marks are not so satisfying as compared to students in the city, I wish that they learn at least how to speak in English. Perhaps certain new information from my class, or new vocabulary, new grammar rules, new memories…

’till then.



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