9 months reflection


Time flies so fast that I haven’t realized that I actually stay in Felda Tenggaroh for 9 months. If I were pregnant, I might have already given birth!

I have so much to share about my experience in teaching. My experience won’t be the same as other teachers in town. My students are kampung (villagestudents. Most of them have less exposure towards English language. Majority of the students also do not use the language inside or outside the school. The challenge for us english teachers here is to motivate and create the supportive environment in learning English among students.

However, I am not sharing about teaching English today. This post is just a general post on my thoughts or experience on being a first year teacher in a government school. I won’t say that it is easy. I also did not have any idea what it would be like to be a teacher in a government school. I thought that all we should be doing is teaching, planning for lesson, focusing on academics and co-curriculum, and that’s it!

I was totally wrong.

When you are in a real school (government school), you will be wearing many hats- english teacher, classroom teacher, discipline teacher, sports teacher, motivator, nurse, event planner, designer, and so on. The list goes on and on.

Hence, I am sharing some of the so-called advises from myself for the future me, and other future teachers out there! 😉

vector illustration procrastination businessman which delay his

  • Do not delay until the last minute. This is real job. Not an assignment that you can repeat when you failed.


  • Do not whine a lot. Try to work professionally and work on it! If you have problems in doing something new, ask someone who knows about it.


  • Complete things one by one. Do not freak out. Your workload will simply increasing day by day. In my case, I am currently teaching in a small school with small number of students and teachers. Therefore, the same teachers will be doing the work. So much documentations and deadlines I can say… Hence, you have to work smart. Divide your tasks according to the priorities.


  • Get organizedThis is so vital in helping you to work more effectively. Have specific files for specific documents or teaching materials for your own future reference.


That’s all I could think of so far. I will add more and update once I remember new things.

’till then!

#teachwith ❤


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