Current update


Hello everyone! It’s the second of Ramadhan in the year of 2016, and I am totally excited about it. We should make our days better than yesterday (well, at least dreaming of having one).

I am totally sorry because I haven’t been updating this blog for quite some time. After I graduated and worked as a tuition teacher, my life wasn’t as busy as the time when I started working at a private school. Yes, been killing myself with two jobs! Hahah…

It was very tiring, really… Sometimes I felt like quitting from one of it, but I didn’t. Until my boss asked me to have some break during this holy month of Ramadhan from any tuition classes. I’m so glad as I can focus on one job at a time… This is such a blessing!! 😀

So after this long school holiday, I’ll be focusing mainly on school. I’ll be teaching English subject for form 1 and form 2 students, and Science subject for form 5 students. Yes! I am teaching science! *pats on my back*

Some of you might be thinking;

“How on earth a TESL graduate can teach science subject. SPM pulak tuh!”

Well, lemme make this clear… Most teachers out there (even in government school) are also teaching subjects which are not their major. When I did my practicum during my degree, I met an English teacher. Well, her  English is good, and she could teach well too! To my surprise, she is not a TESL graduate. Yep, she’s not. In fact, she is a teacher who is specialized in science… However, due to her good reputation and results her students achieved in English subject, she still need to teach English until now (well, I think until she retired from being a teacher because she’s already master the syllabus and teaching skills. haha).

So how’s it going after teaching at an Islamic private school for almost 5 months…?

I’ll say… I survived, maybe…? Yeah, it’s tough to teach a subject that you are not familiar with (I was a science stream student when I was in secondary school, so it shouldn’t be a problem). But sometimes, I need to study and do some research before I teach as those information are no longer stored at the back of my head… Especially chemistry! I struggled a lot with that subject. However, I still love biology and physics the most! (Except the calculating part. I hate maths…)

So! Back to my first time experience teaching science subject at a private school… The school laboratory had just finished the renovation part, but it is not fully furnished yet. No beakers, test-tubes, bunsen burner, chemicals, and what not. My students always request to have an experiment, but we have some problems with the materials. Instead, before the school break started, I told them to build a volcano model each group and bring them after school. We’ll be doing a very simple experiment on chemical reactions using baking soda and vinegar.


Pour the vinegar into the baking soda and see how it reacts!

Another student suggested to make another experiment (this one is also famous on Youtube- the mentos and coke challenge!!). So I agreed and we’ll see how it works!

But we really need a spacious space for the experiment. ahha… I don’t know how it’s going to be like.


Okay, this guy is insane… Never try this at school, kids. If you really want to get yourself hurt, do it at home. I won’t be responsible for that. >_<

‘Till then! ❤


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