Thinking of the unknown…

I haven’t been writing for quite some time… But I do write a lot on papers for my own reference… 🙂 It’s kind of fun actually to reread your previous thoughts about life from your own journal! Then you will see how much you have grown up, maturely. The way we response towards things that happen in our life would be more different, we tend (and should) be more rational in our actions. Hence, I always tell myself to have some time to think before I react towards any situations. Sometimes, when I have conflicts in life, I tend to sit alone and rarely let it out, except with people that are close to me. I prefer to sit and think about something, the pros and cons before I make a decision. Well, I am a type of person who has difficulties in making immediate decisions…

Man, you’re waaaay too confident!

Now let’s talk about random stuffs about life, shall we? 😀

In my previous post, I used to write something related to graduated students’ ‘culture’. You know, the marriage thingy. I always observe, read comments, confessions, and people’s responses towards marriage- though they are married or not. Sometimes we tend to judge marriage wrongly. I also do not really understand why people can have bad thoughts about marriage. Yeah, it could be due to so many news and stories being told on bad marriages such as abuse, the difficulties of becoming a wife, having ‘bad’ spouse, no chemistry, the burden of becoming a housewife, and the list goes on and on… It won’t stop there.


Well, this is life, people. We live to share, and adapt. We cannot solely change a person into somebody that we really want, or changing someone the same as you are… We’re humans, not robots that you can eaaasily change the settings as in the Real Steel’s movie… Yes, the future is unpredictable. Most of the time, a person that we just met does not show his/her true colors yet. But you can always keep praying (and hoping) that you will meet good people in your life, though sometimes you’re going to have bad times with certain people, take that as a part of life journey and take it as a lesson. And keep reflecting every single day. Based on my experience, time heals, and you tend to make a better decision when you are at peace. So chill out, and don’t easily freak out when things happen unexpectedly.

I remembered one time when I wanted to go back to my hometown… I’ve checked my ticket two days before and I supposed to be at the terminal before 10 am. So I reached there with Unni at 9 am. Just nice… But then I thought that my bus departed at 10.30.

Now here comes the problem. I did not check my ticket… until it was 10.15 am. I went down to Gate 10 and waited for my bus. Nobody was there. I felt weird. It should be more than 1 passenger from this terminal, it can’t be only me! So I took out my ticket and… I was speechless. I was 15 minutes late and angry with myself at that moment. I thought for a while on my very bad ‘luck’ on that morning… I questioned myself; “How could this happen? WHY NOW???!”. But then, as I think again, there must be reasons behind that. I couldn’t whine no more…

So I went upstairs and bought another ticket at the counter, and the bus departed at 11 am. Alhamdulillah, I still reached home safely that evening. The thing is that we can solve things as long as we keep looking for alternatives, keep moving rather than thinking too much about the problem (which is not really good). I admit, sometimes I do have anxiety problems. At times, we have those days that we cannot really think rationally. We need a company who can advice and listen to us… But once in a while, you need to decide on your own and stand on your own feet. That is life, and it’s never too easy. 😉


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