Quick reflection


I did not go to school today. It’s ‘summer’ in Malaysia, and I had little rest, did not drink a lot of water, and had no proper eating time. Hence, I catch a cold, and a fever. So, today I decided to have  a proper meal, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also a personal timetable. I used to be an organized person. I am a visual type of person, so I need to write every single thing that I want to do, and follow them. Quite complicated at first, but believe it or not, it makes your life even easier, because you have this kind of mindset of what you need to do at certain period of time. And that makes my life happier! 😀

Tomorrow is going to be my first experience of being observed by my mentor, Teacher Lin. She used to be the teacher of the class that I am teaching right now, a form 4 class. I am planning to teach writing, on creating dialogues. I also decide to add some grammar elements (teaching punctuation) and a bit of listening and speaking (stress and intonation)- as that’s what people do in a real conversation, isn’t it? And I can see that quite a number of my students do not really make use of punctuations in their essays such as comma, question marks, and apostrophe.  I’ll go through these elements perhaps in the beginning of the lesson (Gosh! This reminds me of Dr. Ainol’s class; “Yes?!” “No??” Haha.)

punctuation cards


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