Final year reflection (Part 2)

My first semester of the final year did not work well at first. I admit, I did less planning and decided to just go with the flow. I did not expect for tonnes of homework that I was about to receive that semester. There was no planning at all, I did not list down all my homework, and most of the time I got myself confused and less organized. I could not focus when I started to do my assignments. I think of things hardly- which actually can be done just in an hour. Instead, it took me hours in front of my laptop, without any progress. Well, I call it as the most unproductive semester ever. Haha.

However, I am still thankful for feeling that way. I learned that I need to put things in order, see things in a different perspective. And most importantly- JUST DO IT! Procrastination always happen when you tend to delay your work which are due to several internal and external factors. As for me, I did have both.

List down things that you need to settle, and a time frame.

“Working hard is important. But there’s something that matters even more…believing in yourself.” – Harry Potter


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