Form 1 poem: Sad I ams (By: Trevor Millum)


In the previous entry, I posted a poem entitled Sad I ams by Trevor Millum, since I felt very sad on that particular day.

Consequently, I am going to teach the poem tomorrow! Therefore, I prepared a slideshow with pictures that describe each line of the poem… I know, even me myself have problem in understanding the meaning of carburetor, chromium trim, sparking plug, etc. A lot of unfamiliar words in the poem. I am afraid that my students will not be able to understand if I only describe them verbally. Hence, I decided to use pictures and come out with a powerpoint slideshow for the purpose of tomorrow’s class. I hope this will benefit teachers out there. 🙂

Click to download the slideshow:

Poem-Sad I Ams

Good luck! 😉

12 thoughts on “Form 1 poem: Sad I ams (By: Trevor Millum)

  1. I’m going to teach the poem tomorrow with my hyper active kids! Anyway, I will start the lesson by breaking their hearts. So they could understand the feeling of unwanted. I wonder how it will turn out!

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      • It was fun to look at their miserable faces, I must admit. Haha. I have students with mix abilities (huge gap). Therefore, my students discovered meanings of each stanza in groups which I provided pictures as stimuli. Yeah, I did use the video attached in your blog as well. Undeniably assisting! Thanks! And since you are in your final year, welcome on board! Looking forward to have more and more passionate and cool English teachers!


      • Glad to know that… 🙂 Yeah it’s so tough in dealing mixed abilities students. Thanks for your support. I’m looking forward to apply for substitute teacher for a time being.


  2. Thank you very much for sharing your work with us. It makes the teaching of English much easier. I hope there are more teachers like you that share their work with others.
    You are welcome to visit my websites which are for all to share.


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